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«  The secrets of beauty

Asian women »


It is in Japan and South Korea that we have our inspiration day after day in search of novelty and innovation. Although France is full of beauty secrets of our grandmothers, the smooth and flawless skin of Japanese and Korean are the best in the cosmetics industry.


We are convinced by the benefits of gestures and

beauty rituals from Asia.


Not surprisingly, South Korea is the leading consumer of facial care products in the world! Followed closely by Japan in second position.

These, from generation to generation cultivate the art and the way of taking care of oneself with patience and constancy. We will not have to envy the Japanese and Korean for their perfect skin, here you can have the recipe!

The beauty criteria of Japanese women 

Perfection does not exist but everything is possible. To better understand Asian women, here are the criteria of beauty that punctuate their daily routine.

# 1: Yes to fair skin and pink complexion

For us, tanning is synonymous of good looks and return from vacation, but in Asia, they avoid the sun's rays to keep a complexion of porcelain allying youth and purity.

Of course, the sun has many virtues for the body and mind but we must be wary.

Beyond the physical aspect, avoid the sun is also a natural gesture of anti-aging prevention because UVA accelerate skin aging.

In addition, this beauty criterion prevents certain skin diseases related to sun exposure.

The use of sunscreen every day, no matter the weather, is highly recommended! Like the elegant Asian, take out the parasols, long sleeves and big hats!

# 2: Stop stains!

A smooth and flawless skin is their goal! Using an SPF is also an ally to prevent stains and ensure skin without imperfection for a "photoshop" effect.


# 3: The madness of big eyes!

Yes, we can be proud, Asian women envy the big eyes of Westerners Europe.

They deploy all the possible makeup tips to made their eyes lagger. For example, the wearing of bangs is perfect top highlight the eyes but also, the use of small sticky "patch" to create the shape of a "Western eyelid! "

Tips from Japanese women to take care of the skin

On average, Japanese as well as Korean spend 2 hours to 2:30 per day in the bathroom. They use 16 to 18 skincare products compared to 5 to 6 in the Europe. Why ? Here is their secret.

Tip #1: The Layering 

To have a nice skin in good health, the practice of "Layering" called in France "mille-feuilles" requires the application of 6 commodities in its routine.

It is a ritual in 6 stages of care which consists of put several layer of products in a very precise order so that each new gesture neutralizes the disadvantage of the previous one and potentiates the benefits. For more information on "Layering" it's here!

Tip #2: Baths and Exfoliation

Regular exfoliation of the face and body is a beauty gesture used once or twice a week.

The Japanese loves very hot baths and regularly visit the Sentō and Onsen. These hot springs, would have therapeutic virtues aimed at purifying the body and mind.

After this moment of relaxation, when the skin is softened, they use the Konjac sponge to exfoliate face and body gently. This root sponge "Amorphophallus Konjac" is 100% natural and biodegradable. We love its soft texture which slides on the skin when it’s wet.

Tip #3: Massage the face

After application of your cream, gently penetrate the product by tapping the apple of the hands down the face upwards to drain the microcirculation.Do not forget to extend the cream and masks on the neck and the chest! Just like the face, these are sensitive and overexposed parts that need to be hydrated.

Tip #4: To penetrate his care oil

To have a better penetration of care oil, apply beforehand on the face a floral water. Before the mist dries, apply care oil over it by gently tapping with your hands. This winning combo will help prepare the skin to absorb the oil and its assets more easily.

Korean makeup tips

#1: How to apply foundation

Apply BB cream by tapping the face energetically with your fingers or sponge. Focus on the areas of darkness to illuminate for a "bare skin" rendering zero defect.

#2: Juicy cheekbones and lips

Use a blush balm texture for a natural and fresh look. The trend in South Korea in 2018 is to have a "fruity" and "juicy" makeup by coordinating the color of her cheekbones with her lips. Ideal for sunny days!

#3: Use a mist of floral water

After the application of his foundation or BB cream to fix the pigments and bring a more melted and natural look and break the powdery effect.

Feel free to share this article on social networks! If you have any questions please contact us at the following e-mail address: service-client@akane-skincare.com

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