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A Monodiet with apple ! 

Let’s rest our body!

Monodiet, what is it?

Eating a single ingredient in all its forms during several meals to boost the digestive system and detoxify the body thoroughly.

By decreasing your digestive activity, the principal is to use its energy to eliminate toxins and other pollutants in order to afford a second youth: this is the principle of self-healing.

The main goal is to detoxify his body to gain energy and regain digestive comfort.


A monodiet does not start overnight. It is important to be accompanied by a professional such as a certified naturopath who, depending on your profile, will know if this detox cure is for you and will define the duration of it.


The duration may vary depending on you, your background, your relationship with food and your overall health. Generally 3 days are enough to feel the benefits of the cure.

The benefits of the apple:

Why make a monodiet with apple? First of all because "One apple a day, keep the doctor away" but also and especially because it is a fruit rich in antioxidants. It boosts the immune system, helps regulate transit and prevents excess LDL cholesterol. For example, The AKANE apple is very rich in vitamin C and antioxidants enough to put all the chances on his side and it is the season we take advantage of it!

Most ? The apple has a hunger suppressive effect, ideal for the experience.

Advice :


  • Arm yourself with expert advice before starting the cure.
  • Start gradually the monodiète with light meals beforehand.
  • Stay calm at home during the experience.

For 3 days :

  • Use apples from organic farming.
  • During the experiment, drink plenty of water and / or infusions to allow the body to drain as much toxins as possible.
  • Do not hesitate to punctuate your monodiet by eating your raw apples, cooked, apple sauce or smoothie.


  • Do not go back to eating in one go, take the time to reintroduce varied, healthy and balanced foods. As the digestive system was at rest, it is best to reintroduce animal protein 2 to 3 days after resumption of your varied meals.

  • After your monodiet make sure your diet is varied and balanced to take advantage of all the benefits of the ingredients and to keep your energy often put to the test by the rich meals and little digestible.

The results :

At the end of the monodiet based apple and the recovery of light and varied meals, the taste of food is pronounced, a feeling of lightness is felt in the body, energy is increased tenfold, digestion improved.

After a detox, in the long term, the improvement of the quality of the skin and the hair is noticeable. These are the reflection of our interior because an irreproachable lifestyle is inevitably an asset for a beautiful skin and strong and shiny hair.

So tempted?

Do not hesitate to share with us on social networks your opinion and your impressions, we will be delighted to read you!

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