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Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. 90 billion packaging is thrown away every year by the French which represents about 4 million tons of packaging.

As small gestures make all the difference, we have imagined for you, different ways to divert our flasks in a fun way to bring them a second well deserved life!

Here are our daily tricks to give a new life to your favorite products.


Do not throw away the empty jar of your Moisturizing Infusion Gel! A glass jar is a useful container for various uses.

Tip # 1: A Pretty Jewelry Box

The size is perfect for putting your rings, earrings and brooches in a safe place away from dust. With its cover, you can also take them everywhere with you!

Tip # 2: Planting

Plant your cuttings or your succulent seeds in your glass jar! These plants are very resistant and little water hungry, are adorable miniature version and will bring a touch of greenery in your interior at a lower cost. After filling your earthen pot and planting your little succulent, add on the surface of the earth little rocks of the color of your choice for a decorative touch that makes all the difference!

Tip # 3: Make your own Vegetable Candle

To the adorers of home made candles, our glass jar is the perfect setting to make a scented candle that will warm the atmosphere of your living room during the long winter evenings.

Recipe :

Wax (preferably soy)

The essential oils of your choice. Depending on your tastes, dare mixtures and give a fresh or warm atmosphere to your home.

A wick in wood or cotton.

Vegetable oil and / or butter that will facilitate the melting of your candle.

Tip # 4: Organize your spices

If you like to collect herbs and spices, do not hesitate to fill different jars of Moisturizing Infusion Gel with your favorite flavors, then label and stack them! It also works with tea and infusions!


Tip: Throw them in your compost

If like us, you can not spend konjac sponges for your daily cleaning, do not forget that these little wonders are 100% biodegradable. If you're in possession of a compost, just throw it in and let nature do its job!


Tip # 1: A multi-surface cleaner homemade!

Water of Flower and Fruit, the addictive gesture by excellence for a fresh and soothing skin. If you collect bottles, give spray bottles a second life by making your own multi-surface cleaner!

Recipe :

White vinegar to clean and shine

Essential oil of lemon and lavender in small quantities to cleanse and bring a note of freshness.

Tip # 2: A spray for your plants

Refill your bottle every week with water to mist the foliage of the plants that support it: your ferns will love!


Tip # 1: Makeup Kit

Our Triple Makeup Discovery Kit will be perfect for storing your makeup in your purse.

Tip # 2: Protects swimsuit

On holiday in the sun, put your swimsuit still wet inside and avoid to make wet your beach bag.

Tip # 3: Pencil Case

It is also a nice kit that will find its place in any children's room to store pencils and markers of future artists.

All Organic Lip Balm & Cheek Bone & BB Organic Eye Contour Cream Tinted BIO

All Organic Lip Balm & Cheek Bone & BB Organic Eye Contour Cream Tinted BIO

A small pot can have various utilities. Our balms have the perfect size to follow you everywhere!

Once your pot is perfectly cleaned, you can store inside your pills for the weekend, or for fans, a small portion of your Bach flower pills or other small precious items you do not want to lose! Slide into your purse, it will not leave you!

You too, do not hesitate to share with us on social networks your little tips to divert the packaging of your favorite beauty products, they can help more than one!

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