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Ritual for Oily Skin

What is an oily skin?

Oily skin is a skin often misunderstood and weakened by aggressive care. It is characterized by an excess of sebum, which causes shine especially in the area T. A greasy skin will tend to lack radiance and will be accompanied by small imperfections and enlarged pores. But rest assured, with a good routine and a point of perseverance the excess of sebum will be mastered!

Our special oily skin Routine!

Step 1: The Triple Cleaning.

  • Practice the Triple Cleansing: In 3 steps, this Asian skincare routine transmitted from generation to generation, cleans your face perfectly and regain a more radiant and homogeneous skin, day after day.

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Clean, purified skin is the foundation of any skincare routine.

Your skin accumulates daily impurities that weaken the skin barrier and accelerate its aging.

Naturally, I opt for natural and certified organic products for a beautiful and healthy skin day after day!

Every night, I adopt the Triple Makeup Remover. This ritual inspired by Asian beauty gestures is passed from generation to generation to clean the skin thoroughly. Daily use of this routine helps prepare your skin to receive care and take full advantage of their assets.

In the morning, use only Organic Fresh Cleansing Gel to remove excess oil from the night and refresh.

Beauty Gesture N ° 1: Organic Purifying Cleansing Oil

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    1st step of layering. This purifying and cleansing oil Bio is efficient even on waterproof makeup. Leaves the skin supple and soft. 100% natural origin formula.

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The first step in Triple Makeup Removal is to use an oily solution to remove all the impurities of the skin.

Do not panic ! Use an oil will not make your skin more greasy, it is a received idea. The Organic Purifying Cleansing Oil will dissolve makeup, impurities and remove excess sebum accumulated throughout the day.

Effective even on waterproof makeup, it leaves a supple and soft skin without greasy film.

100% natural formula, no silicone, no preservatives and no phenoxyethanol.

Beauty Gesture N ° 2: Fresh Cleansing Gel

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    150ml 11.58 €
    50ml 5.92 €

    2nd step of the layering. A fresh jelly removes impurities and cleans the face perfectly. Enriched with pure organic Aloe Vera juice, it soothes sensitive skin. Formula without paraben, without SLS, without PEGs, without silicone, without phenoxyethanol.

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Fresh Cleansing Gel is the second step of Triple Cleansing. Once the impurities are removed by Cleansing Purifying Oil, this fresh jelly deeply cleans the face. Fresh and glowy, your skin is ready to receive cares.

Formula without paraben, without SLS, without PEGs, without silicone and without phenoxyethanol.

Tip: Emulsify Cleansing Fresh Jelly with Konjac Charcoal Black Sponge. It deeply cleans the skin and gently exfoliates. Enriched with bamboo charcoal, it is particularly suitable for combination to oily skin.

Beauty Gesture N ° 3: Enhancing Floral & Fruit Lotion

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    150ml 10.75 €
    50ml 5.92 €

    3rd step of layering. Enriched with ORGANIC rose floral water, this mist eliminates limescale residues, refreshes, soothes and reveals the radiance of the complexion. 100% natural origin formula.

    10.75 €
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The third and final step of makeup removal is to use a mist of floral water. Organic Rose Flower and Fruit Water, removes limescale residues, refreshes, soothes and reveals the radiance of the complexion. An addictive beauty gesture!

100% natural formula, without PEGs, without silicone, without phenoxyethanol and without alcohol.

Step 2: The Care

  • This pure organic Aloe Vera juice jelly is ideal for summer. It refreshes, moisturizes and soothes in one gesture. Perfect for the face, body and hair, it will not leave you!

    24.92 €
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Oily skin may also miss hydration. It is important to take care of it and not weaken it by trying to strip it.

Moisturizing Infusion Gel combines Pure Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Akane Oleoactif® and Vegetable Betaine in an ultra-fresh jelly texture. Its high content of pure Aloe Vera organic juice (95%) makes it a must which refreshes, rehydrates and soothes in a single gesture without leaving a greasy film!

Finally, if the first signs of aging are felt and the skin slowly relaxes but surely, I opt for the Lifting Serum Face and Eye Contour every night under the Melting Moisturising Cream or the Moisturizing Infusion Gel. In one gesture, its texture smooths fine lines, redraws the oval of the face, corrects dark circles and pockets to illuminate the look.

Step 3: The masks

  • The Milky Black Mask purifies, unclogs and matifies. Its unique formula cleanses, unclogs and regulates the excess of sebum.Perfectly clean, your skin is soft and without shine! 100% natural origin formula. 

    13.29 €
    In Stock

The exfoliation is essential to balance the skin and wake up the radiance of the complexion.

You need to be focus on soft and chemical exfoliations. Avoid mechanical exfoliation that tends to irritate and weaken the skin. It is better to choose fine powders.

If I want a gentle exfoliation, I choose to apply once or twice a week the Granita Pink Mask. Its unique formula combines the Akane Oleoactif®, AHA fruit and apple seed powder for a double peeling, chemical and mechanical soft. Used over the long term, it reduces acne scars and clarifies the skin. Day after day the complexion is more homogeneous, the skin more radiant.

If my complexion is cloudy and lacking in radiance, I use the Milky Black Mask once or twice a week. Its formula combines Akane Oleoactif®, activated charcoal and olive kernel powder to cleanse, purify, cleanse and mattify the combination of oily to oily areas. Perfectly clean, your skin is soft and matified.

If you fall in love, do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments section of your favorite products and don't forget to inform your type of skin!

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