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Ritual for Dray Skin

What is a dry skin ?

Dry skin is a skin lacking lipids more commonly known as "fat".

Be careful, do not confuse dry skin with dehydrated skin they are two completely different cases: "Dry skin lacks lipids and dehydrated skin lacks water".

However, this shortcut is a bit reducer, because all skin needs both water and lipids to maintain flexibility and elasticity. It is better then to consider that the dry skin is a type of skin, a permanent characteristic, like the complexion of the complexion or the type of hair.

While dehydrated skin is a punctual condition related to environmental factors or inadequate care. Thus one can quite have oily skin and ... dehydrated. That is why it is very important to choose care adapted to its type of skin AND its punctual state.

A punctually dehydrated oily skin that turns to too rich care will shine, and may develop imperfections and blackheads.

Our Dry Skin routine:

Step 1: The Triple Cleaning

  • Practice the Triple Cleansing: In 3 steps, this Asian skincare routine transmitted from generation to generation, cleans your face perfectly and regain a more radiant and homogeneous skin, day after day.

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Clean, purified skin is the foundation of any skincare routine.

Your skin accumulates daily impurities that weaken the skin barrier and accelerate its aging.

Naturally, I opt for natural and certified organic products for a beautiful and healthy skin day after day!

Every night, adopt the Triple Makeup Remover. This ritual inspired by Asian beauty gestures is passed from generation to generation to clean the skin thoroughly. Daily use of this routine helps prepare your skin to receive care and take full advantage of their assets.

Beauty Gesture N ° 1: Purifying Cleansing Oil

The first step in Triple Makeup Removal is to use an oily solution to remove any foreign matter from the skin. The Organic Cleansing Purifying Oil, will come to dissolve the makeup, impurities, and excess sebum accumulated throughout the day. Effective even on waterproof makeup, it leaves a supple and soft skin without greasy film.

100% natural formula, no silicone, no preservatives and no phenoxyethanol.

Beauty Gesture N ° 2: Fresh Cleansing Gel

Fresh Cleansing Gel is the second step of Triple Cleansing. Once the makeup is dissolved by the Cleansing Purifying Oil, the ORGANIC Cleansing Gel deeply cleans the face. Fresh and Glowy, your skin is ready to receive cares.

Formula without paraben, without SLS, without PEGs, without silicone and without phenoxyethanol.

Beauty Gesture N ° 3: Enhancing Floral and Fruit Lotion

The third and final step of makeup removal is to use a mist of floral water. Organic Enhancing Floral and Fruit Lotion based on organic damask rose water, removes limescale residues, refreshes, soothes and reveals the radiance of the complexion. An addictive beauty gesture!

100% natural formula, without PEGs, without silicone, without phenoxyethanol and without alcohol.

Step 2: The Care

Discover our new skincare ritual, Bed & Breakfast Care Oil and Nourishing Muesli Cream. This duo is made from 100% natural ingredients, rigorously selected to nourish and care for dry skin. Organic oat bran oil, organic cocoa butter, organic cranberry extract, organic coconut oil, healthy and edible ingredients, a real full breakfast for the skin!   


Not less than 96% of organic ingredients in this oil and not least, since to intensely nourish dry to very dry skin, we carefully selected the edible ingredients richest in essential fatty acids. Organic Borage virgin oil, Organic Evening primrose oil, Organic Prickly pear oil, Organic Camelina virgin oil, and more - as it contains a total of 12 organic virgin vegetable oils - all on call . They are boosted by the proven effectiveness of AKANE Organic Oleoactif® in optimal concentration at 12%, this famous antioxidant complex made from Apple and Apple Leaves Akane, rich in quercetin and organic Rosehip oil. . The key is a highly nutritious & regenerating formula. The malnourished skin will use it daily but the others will also be able to adopt it in cure in the middle of the winter to face serenely the cold.


This cream combines the power of beneficial oils and butters in a rich cream that nourishes the skin without shine. A composition that has nothing to envy to the recipe of your favorite muesli! Organic Virgin Oat Bran Oil, Organic sesame virgin oil, Organic Cocoa butter, Organic Cranberry extract with exceptional antioxidant richness ... Healthy and 100% natural ingredients! Of course, this cream is also based on the proprietary organic complex Oleoactif AKANE to help your skin to defend against all daily attacks. 



Step 1: Bed & Breakfast Care Oil

To facilitate the penetration of the care oil, spray Akane Enhancing Floral and Fruit water  on perfectly cleansed skin. Using the pipette, apply on the back of the hand 3 or 4 drops of care oil (about 1/3 of the pipette). Then warm the oil between the hands and apply on the entire face by performing a light massage.

Step 2: Nourishing muesli cream Take 3 small hazelnuts cream, apply on the entire face gently touching the skin. Close your eyes, let yourself be seduced by its light 100% natural scent with fruit accords and cereal notes.


Go directly to Step 2 unless your skin is very dry or in very dry and / or cold weather.

Finally, if the first signs of aging are felt and the skin slowly relaxes but surely, I opt for the Lifting Serum Face and Eye Contour every night under the Melting Moisturising Cream or the Moisturizing Infusion Gel. In one gesture, its texture smooths fine lines, redraws the oval of the face, corrects dark circles and pockets to illuminate the look.

Step 3: The mask


If your skin is sensitive, prone to redness, apply the White Soufflé Mask on the entire face or sensitive areas (cheeks). Enriched with vegetable betaine and organic rice powder, it rehydrates and soothes sensitive areas.

  • Offer a full breakfast to your skin! This sensory care oil, dedicated to very dry and / or mature skin, intensely nourishes, regenerates and protects the skin on a daily basis. Day after day the complexion is more radiant, the skin smoother. (Non-greasy texture) 100% natural origin formula.

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    15ml 8.91 €

    Offer a full breakfast to your skin! This ultra comfortable cream is for dry skin. It nourishes, protects and repairs the skin on a daily basis. 100% natural origin recipe.

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  • This mask brings softness and hydration to the skin. Its unique formula moisturizes, soothes and reduces the redness of skin and sensitive areas. Your skin is protected, soft as silk. 100% natural origin formula.

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