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Welcome to Vegan(land)


Vegetarian, Vegan, Flexitarian, Vegan? Are you perfectly mastering the new lexicon of 21st century dietary habits? A little, a lot, not at all? Do not panic, Akane tells you almost all about practices long unknown and marginal that gradually emerge from the shadows for the greatest happiness of the planet and its occupants, humans and animals.


Little lexical reminder ... in friendly mode

If you invite a vegetarian to dinner, do not prepare food containing animal flesh (neither meat, poultry nor fish). On the other hand, a flexitarian at your table will eat everything, because he has just chosen to limit his consumption of meat products (1 to 3 times a week for example). A first step towards vegetarianism in short. It will probably be more difficult for a vegan to eat at home because it does not consume any animal products: a vegetarian diet with a few complementary "restrictions": no eggs, no dairy products (butter, cheese, yogurt ...). What about a vegan guest?



Being vegan

Veganism goes far beyond the bounds of simple diet. Being a vegan is a way of life, a philosophy based on a refusal of animal exploitation in any form whatsoever. To be vegan is to exclude any product of animal origin from its diet, but it is also to adopt a way of life (leisure, consumption ...) respectful of the animals. No leather, no wool, no silk, no circus, no zoos, no equestrian sports ... The animal is a living being that must be respected and under no circumstances to enslave.


Akane: Vegan or not vegan, that's the question?

Since 2016, it is forbidden in Europe to test cosmetic products on animals. However, unscrupulous laboratories still manage to circumvent regulations. Moreover, many ingredients of animal origin are hidden in cosmetics under the terms anonymous or unknown to the public. Thus glycerine, which is very present in cosmetics, is often of animal origin because of its low cost compared to vegetable glycerin. As for collagen, it comes from carcasses of pigs or fish skins, while collagen of vegetable origin exists.


At Akane, all our cosmetics are authentically vegan. Of our 35 products, only 3 of them [1] can be considered "vegan" because they contain organic beeswax, which is contrary to the principles that govern vegan certification. We are happy and proud to offer you organic products that do not harm the planet, not tested on our animal friends, without ingredients of animal origin, without compromise on their effectiveness, at reasonable prices. A daily challenge that we enjoy with pleasure, because we believe in organic beauty, natural and glamorous! YES TO ORGLAMIC!


A first in France!

Do you know that Naturalia, a pioneer of Bio in France since 1973, recently opened 3 boutiques [2] entirely dedicated to vegetable culture? 3 stores Naturalia Vegan which offer countless everyday products, 100% vegetables as well as exclusive items, exclusives! Even if you are not a fan of veganism, discover new products, new flavors, while making a gesture for the planet and for our friends with hair, feathers, scales ... To be tested without further ado!


[1] BB contour, Baume Rose, Cream Muesli

[2] Naturalia vegan: 149 rue de Rome, 75017 Paris - 39 rue Merlin, 75011 Paris and 43 avenue de Paris, 94300 Vincennes

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