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Why (still) prefer vegetable oils to mineral oils?

For many, the term "mineral oil" does not represent much concrete: at best, a guarantee of quality (minerals, nature) or neutral and non-impacting ingredients. The reality, however, is quite different. Immersion in the country of oils where one discovers the hidden face of certain words and the dark side of a part of the universe of cosmetics!  

Ouille, the heavy secrets, well kept, mineral oils

Stable, stainless, odorless, colorless, mineral oils are highly prized by the cosmetic industry. Less expensive than their vegetable cousins, are these oils all to please? Mineral oils are synthetic materials obtained by the distillation and refining of fossil fuels (crude oil, coal and certain shales). Products derived from petroleum that are applied conscientiously to our skin, being persuaded to do good. In an article of 29/09/17, UFC Que Choisir warns: "Mineral oils (Mosh) can lead to inflammatory reactions, and even worse, they can be Moah, hydrocarbons of aromatic mineral oils which are carcinogens.The toxicity of Mosh and Moah has already been revealed by the European Food Safety Agency in 2012. The organization warned of the Mosh and Moah's concern in food products. Derived from petrochemicals, mineral oils are not biodegradable. Pollutants, their impact on the environment is proven. Moreover, these inert oils do not have curative skin interests and have no nutritional quality (neither vitamin nor antioxidant). Not really glamorous and green mineral oils!  

Vegetable oils, precious allies beauty  

In antiquity, vegetable oils already occupied a prominent place in beauty rituals. Extracted from fruits or seeds, these oils offer properties with no other similar. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, these oils have undeniable cosmetic interests (soothing, nourishing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging) and are environmentally friendly. Vegetable oils are perfectly tolerated by the epidermis, and without risk of skin reaction or allergy. Everything to please!

The cream of vegetable oils, just for you!  

Our products are full of vegetable oils because at Akane we are convinced of the many benefits of these precious nectars. We believe in Made in France and are committed to working with local producers and promoting short circuits. Established in the Gard, our partners, the oil mills Émile Noël and Cauvin have gained their nobility thanks to traditional and craft know-how. With the BIO certification, the oils are manufactured in 1st cold pressure without any chemical treatment. The nutritional and organoleptic qualities are thus preserved to offer you the best.   A small but non-exhaustive selection of the organic vegetable oils used in the composition of our cosmetics to sublimate your skin: virgin oil of camelin, oat bran, prickly pear, borage, evening primrose, coconut, sweet almond ... Without omitting the oleoactif®Akane, active ingredient, true DNA of our products which integrates in its composition, the wonderful oil of muscat rose, rich in Omega 3 and 6.   One of our flagship products: 12 organic virgin vegetable oils Do you know our Bed and Breakfast Care Oil? This divine elixir is made from 12 oils. A real makeover for dry or mature skin! 

You are now ready to decipher the information on the labels and choose consciously the cosmetic products you need: worthy of your ecological aspirations and your skin because without (h) ear!

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