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An apple in the skin


Akane is the fruit of a beautiful story, not of a beautiful novel, but of an authentic history, apples, leaves and glamorous cosmetics. We reveal some indiscretions about this green-chic romance!

The apple, a divine fruit

Love, power, temptation, immortality, wisdom, knowledge ... The apple is a fruit with a timeless and rich symbolism.

In antiquity, terrestrial globes and sun were represented by a golden apple. A symbol of the absolute power of the emperors, the apple also reigns in the works of Hercules, the latter having to steal the golden apples from the garden of the Hesperides. Not to be missed, the Newton apple, New York City commonly known as "The Big Apple" or the famous American brand with chewed apple!

But the apple with its generous and fleshy curves has often been intimately linked to the woman's destiny: a forbidden fruit for Eve, temptation for Snow White, attribute of Aphrodite-Venus, goddess of love and beauty ...

A mythical and mystical fruit, the apple has passed through history and the centuries while retaining its fascinating aura.

The Akane apple, from Japan to Made in France

A fine yellow skin nicely streaked with red, a flesh juicy, crisp, and slightly acidulous ... Here is the apple Akane, variety originating in Japan which takes its name from its brilliant red color.

At Akane, our DNA is based on an eco-responsible approach. In order not to have pips, it is important for us to know where the ingredients that we use come from and to know their history. That's why we chose Akane made in France! The apples that we use to concoct organic cosmetics, efficient, at very low prices, come from the smart orchard of Reygades, located in a green area, Corrèze. Our small producer, still very surprised by our keen interest in cosmetics for his apple trees, practices an ultra-rational agriculture. The harvest takes place in September. We are pleased to be able to visit him at will and to support local production. Cocorico!

The Akane apple, a concentrate of natural antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential allies of the body. They prevent in particular the oxidation of the DNA and more particularly the degeneration of the cutaneous cells. The Akane apple is rich in a wide variety of antioxidants including polyphenols. The latter have tenfold antioxidant powers. Thanks to the exceptional amount of polyphenols contained in the Akane apples, the latter have an increased resistance to scab compared to the other varieties. This disease affects the skin of the fruit that is covered with brown spots and creaks. The Akane apple by this extraordinary concentration, has an undeniable anti-aging cosmetic interest.


To fully benefit from all the benefits of this magic apple, our laboratories have created a unique active ingredient with a highly antioxidant power: apple and leaf®. Clearly, in the context of an oleo-association, we use the fruit (flesh and skin), its leaves, and a muscat rose oil rich in omega 3 and omega 6, with regenerating and moisturizing properties. This active ingredient with remarkable effectiveness on biological aging and on the daily aggressions suffered by your skin has everything to please!

Symbol of love and beauty, the apple divinely illustrates our will to make you naturally more beautiful. Genuine gift of Mother Nature, the apple Akane, queen of cosmetic apples, delivers her benefits for glamor and organic products, what else?

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