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Akane, Online cosmetics selling site

Specializing in the sale of organic cosmetics online, our site offers beauty treatments and removal products made in France. Founded just a few years, our brand uses natural ingredients and in particular, the Akane apple. Indeed, the red fruit - and leaves of the tree where it grows - possess many anti-oxidant properties and are therefore at the root of our history. We are also committed to develop formulas that are not tested on animals and are natural. So banish PEGs, silicone, parabens and phenoxyethanol for example. Our entire product range is available for sale online on our website. We calculate our prices exactly to offer you quality items at affordable rates. Cheap but effective, they allow you to maintain and enhance your skin, discover rituals came from Asia and make you happy, whatever your budget.

  • Organic All-in-one Rose Lip and Cheek Balm

    Organic All-in-one Rose Lip and Cheek Balm

    Organic All-in-one Rose Lip and Cheek Balm. Hydrate, highlight and lift lips and cheekbones. 12G 2 in 1 balm, delicious fragrance.

    In stock 14.90
  • Cocoon Night Mask

    Cocoon Night Mask

    Dry and stressed skin - 30ml Overnight facial care The Cocoon Night Mask has a gel-like texture acting as a protective cocoon. Its natural formula intensely hydrates dry skin and brings back a youthful looking radiance. Wake up with plush skin and no signs of skin fatigue.

    In stock 18.60
  • Pink Illudescente® Organic Cream

    Pink Illudescente® Organic Cream

    Pink Illudescente Cream®. Hydrates, Enlightens and clarifies. Effective Doll-like Complexion®. 30ml Natural miracle cream 3 in 1. It moisturizes, brightens instantly with a pink veil, and clarifies the complexion day after day.

    In stock 15.95
  • BB Eye contour tinted cream

    BB Eye contour tinted cream

    BB Eye contour tinted cream.Hydrate, smooth fine lines and hides dark circles. 12G Looking refreshed and plump. Formule 100% natural.

    In stock 17.90
  • A full selection of beauty products and accessories

    On our online sales site, you can discover our cosmetic ranges and order our oils, creams and other treatments in a few clicks. Sold individually, they are also available in kits and kits. Inspired by Asia, Akane has developed a ritual that involves several steps. Because it is essential to remove makeup daily to remove residues of pollution, makeup and cleanse the skin, we offer you several cleansers cheap and very pleasant to use. To moisturize your face, make the bright and brighten your complexion, you have the choice between several references such as our soft cream organic, our lip balm and our cheekbones and eye contour. Finally, to keep your skin firm and combat the first signs of aging, you can try our anti-wrinkle care. And to apply these products easily and smoothly, discover on our website our Konjac sponges are biodegradable and easily replace cotton. In addition, these accessories are not expensive and help you refine the grain of your skin to make it smoother.

  • Fille Akane
  • The best of facial bio inspired by Asia, Made in France

    Akane the brand was born in Hong Kong in 2011. Established since in Paris, Akane is inspired by the best of Asian and care offers a cosmetic quality , made in France , with the commitment of a formulation and a Bio friendly production environment. Ecocert and labeled Cosmebio, our products are certified organic and 100 % natural . Discover our trade secrets and commitments. Try our bestsellers, Cocoon Night Mask Purifying Cleansing Oil or our . Fall for the Asian ritual of removing makeup millennium to adopt our Konjac sponges.